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ENGG 182 - Data Analytics


This course provides a hands-on introduction to the concepts, methods and processes of business analytics. Students learn how to obtain and draw business inferences from data by asking the right questions and using the appropriate tools. Topics include data preparation, statistical tools, data mining, visualization, and the overall process of using analytics to solve business problems. Students work with real-world business data and analytics software. Where possible, cases are used to motivate the topic being covered. Students acquire a working knowledge of the “R” language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. Prior experience with “R” is not necessary, but students should have a basic familiarity with statistics, probability, and be comfortable with basic data manipulation in Excel spreadsheets.


ENGS 93 or equivalent, or permission of the instructor.

Cross Listed Courses

ENGM 182


Location / Method
Term: Winter 2024
Time: M/W 9:00 - 10:50am

MacLean B01 Zaleski


Erin N. Mayfield