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Spirited conversations both in and out of class, a dedicated MEM study space, and regular social events make it easy to build your professional network and cultivate lasting friendships. Small classes and personal attention from professors foster a welcoming atmosphere and a stimulating intellectual environment.

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Student Life

MEM students join a fun and lively community. In addition to a variety of ongoing activities and events, students are encouraged to participate in the many other student groups and councils at Thayer and Dartmouth.

Student Council

The Master of Engineering Management Council (MEMC) is a group of students who work closely with Thayer and MEM administration to address professional, academic, and social needs of current and future students and alumni.

The MEMC helps students build community through:

  • facilitating communication between students and faculty
  • leveraging the diversity of the student body to create connections and promote collaboration and community

MEM Student Council


Trivia night is a popular quarterly event with both students and faculty while informal dinners and social gatherings bring Thayer and Tuck students together off-campus. Faculty have also been known to invite students to dinner at their homes.


MEM students participate in Thayer, Tuck, and Dartmouth events throughout the year, including the beloved "mugging ceremony" which caps off the MEM experience at Thayer Investiture.





Base camp for MEM students is Darmouth's West End District. Home to Thayer School of Engineering, the Department of Computer Science, Tuck School of Business, the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship, and the Irving Institute for Energy and Society, the West End District is the epicenter of technological and entrepreneurial innovation on campus.

To schedule an on-campus visit, please email: master.of.engineering.management@dartmouth.edu.

"As a developing engineer with a background in the humanities & the sciences, Thayer's human-centered focus especially resonates with me. The tight-knit community, customizable curriculum, and project-driven learning are just a few of the things that make the MEM phenomenal. I hope to apply what I learn in the program to make a positive impact on the environment."

—Jeremy Hadfield '21 Th'24