MEM Alumni Profiles

Dartmouth MEM graduates have a track record of obtaining high-paying starting positions in their chosen fields with potential for leadership positions thereafter. The following profiles illustrate some careers of MEM graduates.


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  • Bala Sahitya Vadlamani '17
    Meta (Formerly Facebook), Product Management Lead

    Bala Sahitya Vadlamani in front of the company she works at

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    Company/Organization: Meta

    Professional Title: Product Management Lead

    Bala is a product leader at Meta. She is currently working on making communication private and safe for billions of people around the world. Previously, she launched delightful audio and fintech experiences for millions of Alexa customers, sellers on Amazon, and Morgan Stanley financial advisors and their clients. She believes in leading with empathy, kindness, and authenticity. She is an advocate for mental health and wellbeing, DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusion), and creating access to opportunities for the disadvantaged. She is also an animal rights advocate and is excited about the growth we are seeing in the plant-based/alternative protein space. She feels most energized when using her voice and abilities to make the world a more kind, safe, and equitable place, and while helping others succeed and thrive despite adversity.

    Previous Work Experience:
    Amazon (Payments, Alexa), Senior Product Manager
    Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, Assistant Vice President

    MEM Internship Company Name: RetailMeNot

    MEM Internship Title: Business Analytics Intern

    Why did you choose the Dartmouth MEM?
    After speaking with alumni and thoroughly researching MEM (or equivalent) programs at Duke, Cornell, Columbia, Purdue, and UIUC, I chose Dartmouth because of the academic rigor, focus on experiential learning, and generous scholarship program.

    What was the most valuable part of your MEM internship experience?
    I came to the Dartmouth MEM program straight out of undergrad. Interning at RetailMeNot during the summer allowed me to apply concepts I learned in class to a real-world problem and gain industry experience which proved valuable when interviewing for a full-time position at Morgan Stanley in the Fall.

    How did the Dartmouth MEM prepare you for your career?
    The MEM program's curriculum gave me a perfect blend of hard skills, experiential learning opportunities, and soft skills required to thrive as a business leader. More importantly, in going through the program, I developed a strong work ethic and the intellectual rigor needed to teach myself new concepts and skills. This in turn gave me the confidence to take risks, say yes to exciting roles in domains that I knew little to nothing about, and as a result, enabled rapid growth and learning for me in my career thus far. Last but not least, I have access to an invaluable global network to rely on, for career and life advice.

    What is your favorite Dartmouth MEM memory?
    My top three favorite memories from Dartmouth have to be: 1) The countless hours I spent in the tower room of Baker-Berry Library, working through assignments and job applications, often looking around and thinking to myself—I feel like I am at Hogwarts! 2) The "zen-ness" of walking under the clear, star-lit sky in Hanover. 3) Spending my first holiday season in the US in New York City, living a block away from Times Square, and working on defining product strategy for a top media company as a part of Tuck's Onsite Global Consulting course.

    How would you summarize your Dartmouth MEM experience?
    Broadened horizons

  • Shashank Rao '16
    EY, Senior Consultant, Strategy

    Headshot of Shashank Rao

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    Company/Organization: EY

    Professional Title: Senior Consultant, Strategy

    Currently, Shashank works at EY in the strategy practice, where he advises and supports non-traditional healthcare organizations (eg. for a global F50 3rd party logistics company) to design their entry and growth into healthcare and life sciences, develops go-to-market approaches (eg. for a digital health and wellness company) and push the firm's thinking on growth strategy in healthcare and life sciences. Prior to that, he worked at The Advisory Board Company (acquired by Optum, UHG), a market-leading health care research, technology and consulting firm in Washington, DC As part of its Corporate Strategy and New Ventures group, he worked on new product development initiatives, launched a data analytics platform and designed the GTM for its technology business unit. He was also engaged to drive strategic partnerships. Prior to MEM, he worked at a F500 Oil & Gas co—Reliance Industries Limited for two years, where he was managing the polymer manufacturing operations for the company. Shashank has an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from Institute of Chemical Technology (Mumbai, India).

    Previous Work Experience:
    Optum (United HealthCare), Senior Analyst—Corporate Strategy and New Ventures, 2016–2019
    Reliance Industries Limited, Project Manager—Polymer Manufacturing, 2012–2014

    MEM Internship Company Name: Gazelle Inc

    MEM Internship Title: Strategy Intern

    Why did you choose the Dartmouth MEM?
    Dartmouth's MEM program is known for its tight-knit culture, academic rigor, and a well-rounded, yet flexible curriculum. Talking to MEM alums gave me additional confidence that I will have broad career opportunities, a collaborative learning experience, and a chance to explore a beautiful college town.

    How did the Dartmouth MEM prepare you for your career?
    The MEM program provided me with the skill set required to manage and grow a business and it prepared me to be able to make an impact at Optum (The Advisory Board Company) starting from day one at the job. The program, with its strong curriculum and case/experienced-based teaching, gave me the confidence to go beyond the spreadsheet and operate in a dynamic business and corporate environment.

    What is your favorite Dartmouth MEM memory?
    I loved the engaging projects such as Littlefield simulation with Professor Hall and technology assessment with Professor March.

    How would you summarize your Dartmouth MEM experience?
    Unlimited possibilities

  • Mani Alaei '14
    pandd (predict and deliver), Partner

    Mani Alaei at his desk

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    Company/Organization: pandd (predict and deliver)

    Professional Title: Partner

    Mani has helped multiple organizations scale their revenue generation, account management, and service delivery teams over the last seven years. Focused primarily on high-growth technology companies, his experiences span the healthcare, financial services, real estate, and advertising industries.

    He previously led all service delivery as well as business and sales operations at Hometeam, a home healthcare technology company. Prior to Hometeam, Mani led sales operations and strategy at Axial, a private online network for buyers and sellers of private companies. Before entering the startup world, he worked as a consultant for Accenture.

    Before the MEM, Mani earned a Bachelor of Engineering from McGill University.

    Previous Work Experience:
    Accenture, 2011–2012
    Axial 2014–2016
    Hometeam 2016–2018

    MEM Internship Company Name: AppNexus

    MEM Internship Title: Product Commercialization Intern

    Why did you choose the Dartmouth MEM?
    The tight-knit Dartmouth alumni network was the key to my decision as other McGill grads/international friends of mine that ended up at Stanford, Columbia, etc. for similar Masters programs were left without internships/jobs months after graduation.

    What was the most valuable part of your MEM internship experience?
    Helping a tech company experiencing hyper growth scale its product management team by improving transparency and identifying opportunities for growth/optimization.

    How did the Dartmouth MEM prepare you for your career?
    The MEM honed the hard technical skills required to do a broad set of jobs (data analysis, risk analysis, resource optimization, project management techniques, etc.) while preparing us for the higher-level conversations that ultimately helped accelerate my career growth (speaking to execs as peers re: strategy, organizational design, resource management, industry trends, etc.)

    What is your favorite Dartmouth MEM memory?
    Class trips (Moosilauke, Class of '66 lodge, etc.) were a lot of fun and really brought the whole MEM class together… intramural sports like soccer and flag football against other members of the Dartmouth community made us more of a cohesive group while having fun.

    How would you summarize your Dartmouth MEM experience?
    Skilled generalists

  • Joe Pirrello '14
    Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals, Ltd, Associate Director, Business Development

    Headshot of Joe Pirrello

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    Company/Organization: Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals, Ltd

    Professional Title: Associate Director, Business Development

    Joe is currently part of the business development and strategy teams at Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals—a public biotech company that works relentlessly to develop and commercialize treatment options for patients suffering from devastating autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases.

    Prior to joining Kiniksa, Joe held the title of Senior Consultant with the Life Sciences practice of Navigant Consulting, Inc. Joe provided strategic support in a number of therapeutic areas, most notably immunology and inflammation, for both large-scale and specialty pharmaceutical organizations.

    Earlier in his career, Joe worked as an R&D intern at a small medical device start-up, SpringLeaf Therapeutics, and has also worked to develop low-cost diagnostic devices, specifically for use in the developing world.

    Previous Work Experience:
    Navigant Consulting (now a Guidehouse Company), Life Sciences Group, Senior Consultant

    MEM Internship Company Name: Navigant Consulting

    MEM Internship Title: Summer Intern

    Why did you choose the Dartmouth MEM?
    The MEM program sits (both literarily and figuratively) between the Tuck School of Business and the Thayer School of Engineering. Both schools are world renown for their academic rigor and thought leadership. Interacting with the students and faculty from both institutions provided an academic experience that few other programs can replicate.

    How did the Dartmouth MEM prepare you for your career?
    A lot of my current job involves synthesizing complex ideas and plans down into a presentation that can then be shared and understood across multidisciplinary teams with a wide range of backgrounds and scientific acumen. Many of the classes during the MEM program, in one form or another, are focused on just that—the presentation of complex business and scientific/engineering concepts to a broader audience. While all the students have an undergraduate degree in the STEM fields, backgrounds are still very diverse which brought, for me, a ton of novel perspectives and mirrored a real-world professional environment.

    What is your favorite Dartmouth MEM memory?
    Generally, the diversity of the student body—I made life-long friendships during the program. Although the campus is a bit secluded in NH, the time spent there and the immediate access to awesome outdoor activities (hiking, biking, camping, etc.) was a welcomed change from the city where I lived before and live now after the program.

    How would you summarize your Dartmouth MEM experience?
    practical skills and experience

  • Satish Nathan '11
    UBS, Director, Model Risk Governance

    Satish Nathan outside by the water

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    Company/Organization: UBS

    Professional Title: Director, Model Risk Governance

    Satish Nathan is a Director in the Model Risk Management and Control team at UBS, where he handles all matters related to model governance. His focus is on maintaining the firm's US model inventory, reporting on model risk to senior stakeholders, and serving as the project manager for the team's compliance with regulatory mandates. He is also involved in the drafting and implementation of model risk policies and procedures.

    Satish has worked in the risk space, be it in model risk or credit risk, throughout his career so far. His experience spans regional, national and foreign banks. With an undergraduate degree in computer science complemented by the Dartmouth MEM, Satish has been able to successfully execute initiatives in financial risk reporting and management that necessitate both technical and functional knowledge/skill.

    Previous Work Experience:
    Deutsche Bank, AVP Model Governance
    AIG, Model Governance Senior Analyst
    Citizens Bank, Senior Credit Risk Reporting Analyst

    MEM Internship Company Name: Bank of America

    MEM Internship Title: Technology Analyst Program Intern

    Why did you choose the Dartmouth MEM?
    When it came to deciding between the MEM at Dartmouth and Duke, the factors that drove me towards the former were the smaller class size, the relative proximity to New York where I hoped to work given my interest in the financial services sector, and the choice of Tuck electives that were offered to MEM students.

    What was the most valuable part of your MEM internship experience?
    Gap analysis of the in-house credit risk tool from a product, process and infrastructure perspective and comparison against vendor solutions

    How did the Dartmouth MEM prepare you for your career?
    Courses such as Technology Analysis and Technology Project Management equipped me with the skills to approach technical challenges methodically. The finance electives at Tuck were crucial to my understanding of financial instruments and financial statement analysis.

    What is your favorite Dartmouth MEM memory?
    I have fond memories from the last term at Dartmouth after receiving a full-time offer from the bank I interned with over the summer. Having taken four courses in the spring term while facing the relentless pressures of the internship search, it was finally time to relax and enjoy the lesser course load. I also had more time to soak in the area's spellbinding fall splendor and spend time outdoors.

    How would you summarize your Dartmouth MEM experience?

  • Jeff Hebert '06
    Synapse Product Development, President

    Headshot of Jeff Hebert

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    Company/Organization: Synapse

    Professional Title: President

    Jeff is President of Synapse, an engineering and product development professional services firm headquartered in Seattle with offices in San Francisco and Orlando. Synapse multi-disciplinary engineering teams create innovative products for ambitious clients in the consumer and industrial markets. Clients include Nike, Google, Uber, L'Oreal, Valve, and many others. Synapse works closely with its parent company, Cambridge Consultants, a similar firm based in Cambridge, UK with offices in Boston, Singapore, and Japan, to also develop regulated medical and wireless products.

    Jeff joined Synapse in 2010. After leading projects as a PM, he led a business unit and then spent nearly six years as VP of engineering, leading the client services organization of program management, mechanical-, electrical-, software-, and test engineering, as well as new product introduction. Before Synapse, Jeff worked as a software contractor, co-founded a video broadcasting startup with fellow Dartmouth alums, and worked as as a venture capital analyst and strategy consultant.

    Jeff is an avid mountaineer, cyclist, runner, backcountry and nordic skier, and electric guitar player.

    Previous Work Experience:
    Scenario4, Partner, 2009–2010
    YouCastr, Co-Founder & COO, 2007–2010
    Fletcher Spaght & Fletcher Spaght Ventures, Associate Consultant, 2006–2008

    MEM Internship Company Name: Broadacres Ranch

    MEM Internship Title: River Restoration

    Why did you choose the Dartmouth MEM?
    As I finished my undergrad degree, I knew that I liked engineering, but didn't want to make a career out of engineering alone. I believed the MEM would be a good way to move into leadership and management over time without losing my engineering roots. Looking back, the skills and lessons of the MEM, especially those regarding the human elements of business (interaction, motivation, management, etc.) have been incredibly valuable to me in my career.

    What was the most valuable part of your MEM internship experience?
    Great opportunity to work directly with a smart, influential Thayer alum, Charlie Nearburg, on a project to increase the value of his fly fishing destination business.

    How did the Dartmouth MEM prepare you for your career?
    Layering in the knowledge and language of business on top of the problem-solving approaches of engineering has been invaluable. I found the MEM helped students see new applications in a business similar to how engineering courses showed us applications of physics. Whether it was organizational behavior to design well-functioning teams, marketing to drive a user-centered approach, or operations management to enable supply chain efficiency, the MEM touched on so many useful applications outside my core experience coming into the degree.

    What is your favorite Dartmouth MEM memory?
    My team had a great time with the marketing simulation, doing our best to reverse-engineer the system to achieve the best score and were especially proud to have trounced the Tuck students!

    How would you summarize your Dartmouth MEM experience?
    Foundational knowledge

  • Stephanie (Mayer) Rudick '09
    Google, Strategy & Operations, Immersive Computing

    Headshot of Stephanie (Mayer) Rudick

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    Company/Organization: Google

    Professional Title: Strategy & Operations

    During my Bachelor of Computer Engineering from Tufts University and MEM from Dartmouth, I worked in both engineering at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory (part of the Department of Defense) and consulting at Monitor Group (now a part of Deloitte). Upon graduation from Dartmouth in 2009, I joined Opera Solutions, a small consulting firm with a focus on analytics, which allowed me work in a variety of industries and disciplines, continue to develop my business acumen and participate in the early days of an emerging trend: big data. In 2011, with a significant share of my experience in the financial services, I joined Merrill Lynch's strategy team, where I focused on pricing, organizational design, and business intelligence strategy. In 2013, interested in returning to my engineering roots and passionate about emerging technologies, I joined Google's Cloud business, which was still relatively nascent. In Cloud, I performed a number of roles and ran a few different teams in the strategy and operations space, spending time on topics such as organizational structure, international strategy, key performance metrics, and branding. In 2017, after the maturation of the Cloud business, I transitioned to Google's Immersive Computing team which engineers the platforms for our AR and VR technology and products such as Google Lens and Tiltbrush.

    Previous Work Experience:
    Merrill Lynch, Strategy Associate, 2011–2013
    Opera Solutions, Consultant, 2009–2011

    MEM Internship Company Name: Monitor Group (Now Deloitte)

    MEM Internship Title: Summer Consultant

    Why did you choose the Dartmouth MEM?
    I chose the Dartmouth MEM because of the university's prestige, program's structure/academic rigor and the campus culture.

    How did the Dartmouth MEM prepare you for your career?
    The Dartmouth MEM exposed me to host of business disciplines which I would have otherwise not experienced, and allowed to dramatically diversify my skill set, but also build upon my technical background. The coursework in business (eg. finance/accounting, strategy, operations), the hands on experience with analysis/analytics, and the team project work integrated into all of the classes not only enabled me to secure a job in my desired field, but also laid the foundation for success in my first (and subsequent) roles.

    What is your favorite Dartmouth MEM memory?
    It's difficult to pin down one memory—there were so many! But overall, I'll never forget the fun and collegial feeling of spending time with friends and peers in our Murdough study area between classes—there was also a new topic to debate, class assignments to partner on, story to share and fun to be had.

    How would you summarize your Dartmouth MEM experience?

  • Zhou (Joe) Pan '10
    Kuehne + Nagel, Inc., Director, International Supply Chain Engineering and Analytics

    Headshot of Zhou (Joe) Pan

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    Company/Organization: Kuehne+Nagel, Inc

    Professional Title: Director, Model Risk Governance

    Zhou (Joe) Pan is an experienced supply chain and data analytics professional with a proven track record of success leading and delivering transformational supply chain improvement initiatives through advanced data analytics, system/process design and engineering, and project management. He is currently the Director of International Supply Chain Engineering and Analytics for Kuehne + Nagel, Inc, one of the world's leading logistics companies. He leads the supply chain value roadmap (SCVR) program, a productivity-focused, analytics-driven supply chain optimization value-add service, with key global accounts, delivering strong cost savings and efficiency gains for the customers while achieving great customer satisfaction. He is also playing a key role in managing the development of Tableau and other analytical tools to support key business processes that transform customer engagement experience to retain and gain businesses and streamline internal processes through standardization and innovation. Before joining Kuehne+Nagel, Joe has 10 years of experience in supply chain planning, systems implementation, and software consulting and is an APICS-certified supply chain professional (CSCP) and Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt.‍

    Previous Work Experience:
    PECO Pallet, Inc, Supply Chain Strategy Manager, Planning Scenario Specialist, Inventory Planner, 2013–2017
    Corning Inc, Planning Systems Builder, 2010–2013
    Hewlett-Packard Company, Technical Marketing Engineer, 2007–2008

    MEM Internship Company Name: Celdara Medical

    MEM Internship Title: Summer Operations Intern

    Why did you choose the Dartmouth MEM?
    At that time of my career, I was taking on a multi-dimensional role that combined technology and sales/marketing. I did it well and felt interested in furthering my career at the intersection of business and technology. Dartmouth MEM was the perfect graduate program that offered a well-designed and balanced curriculum that could build on my engineering background and broaden my business knowledge and skills. The rigor and reputation of the Ivy League institution as well as the wide reach of the network was also an appealing factor.

    How did the Dartmouth MEM prepare you for your career?
    One crucial aspect of my Dartmouth MEM education is that it pushed me to be a more well-rounded person, ready and confident to take on new challenges. Through the rigorous coursework, numerous team projects, and case studies, and the interactions with some of the brightest and finest people anywhere in the world, I not only learned the hard skills (modeling, project management, operations, etc.) essential to advance my career, but also honed my skills to effectively communicate, build consensus, and collaborate to solve complex problems. All of these helped shape me as a team player and a trustworthy leader wherever I go.

    What is your favorite Dartmouth MEM memory?
    The people for sure. Everyone I met through the MEM program—from the directors, professors, and staff to my peer students and classmates—is amazing! We work hard and play hard, and everyone is super nice and helpful. Not to mention my lovely landlady Grace in West Lebanon, who I interacted with day in and day out. This makes a big difference for a foreign student coming to this country.

    How would you summarize your Dartmouth MEM experience?

  • Greg Chittim '03
    Health Advances, Vice President, Health IT Practice Leader

    Headshot of Greg Chittim

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    Company/Organization: Health Advances

    Professional Title: Vice President & Health IT Practice Leader

    Greg co-leads Health Advances’ Health IT and Digital Health practice, building upon fifteen years of experience in strategy, management consulting, marketing, operations, and technology leadership.

    A computer engineer and manager by training, Greg's career has included technical software development and product management; strategic growth consulting to the Fortune 500; product management; B2B marketing and communications; and senior operations leadership.

    Prior to Health Advances, Greg held multiple senior executive roles at, a leader in population health analytics and EHR data integrations serving health systems, accountable care organizations, and health plans nationwide. Greg founded and ran a strategic marketing team after an initial round of growth equity and drove company-wide business planning, performance improvement and measurement programs as the strategic operations leader. Earlier in his tenure, he was the product director for the core analytics platform and a principal consultant in Arcadia's legacy consulting business. While at Arcadia, Greg also served as a subject matter expert to the Office of the National Coordinator for HIT on health information exchange (HIE) under the federal HIE, Regional Extension Center, and Beacon Community grant programs.

    Greg began his career as a case team leader and technical project manager at Monitor Group (now part of Deloitte), serving clients in the biopharma, high tech, and government sectors.

    Along with the MEM, he also holds an AB and BE in engineering and computer science from Dartmouth.

    Previous Work Experience:, VP Strategic Marketing, 2014–2017, Product Director and Principal Consultant, 2009–2014
    Monitor Group, Strategy Consultant, 2003–2009

    MEM Internship Company Name: Kiewit Center for Computing at Dartmouth

    MEM Internship Title: BlitzBerry—a portable messaging solution for the BlitzMail protocol

    Why did you choose the Dartmouth MEM?
    I loved Dartmouth as an undergrad, and Thayer had been my home for much of that time—any excuse to stay was a great one!

    How did the Dartmouth MEM prepare you for your career?
    Thinking like an engineer has always been critical. However, learning how to translate that technical knowledge into the context of business has been indispensable and has served me better than any "pure engineering" skills I've learned.

    What is your favorite Dartmouth MEM memory?
    The intense teamwork and strategy of the simulations in both marketing and operations. Also, having the opportunity to travel to Paris to present our 89/90 project work to our corporate sponsor (who happened to be my now-fellow CCC member Shailesh Chandra)

    How would you summarize your Dartmouth MEM experience?
    Eloquent technology

  • Augustus Shine Moore '01
    Aurora Insight, Inc, Co-Founder

    Headshot of Augustus Shine Moore

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    Company/Organization: Aurora Insight, Inc

    Professional Title: Co-Founder

    Gus Moore is an aerospace engineer and project manager and has worked at Lockheed Martin's Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory, Logos Technologies Inc, and Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp. His projects have included developing camera mechanisms for space-based solar telescopes for NASA, building and deploying airborne surveillance systems for the US Department of Defense, and creating commercial remote-sensing systems. Gus was a member of the Dartmouth class of 1999 and completed his BE and MEM at Thayer in 2001. While at Thayer, Gus was a founding member of the DARTSAT student aerospace engineering project and interned at both Cessna Aircraft and Parsons Brinckerhoff. He is currently building an aerospace-related start-up venture.

    Previous Work Experience:
    Ball Aerospace Corp, Advanced Systems Manager, 2015–2017
    Logos Technologies, Inc, Director of Engineering and Science, 2008–2015
    Lockheed Martion Advanced Technology Center, Mechnical Engineer, 2001–2017

    MEM Internship Company Name: Parsons Brinkerhoff, PBAviation

    MEM Internship Title: Intern; New Large Aircraft Impact Study

    Why did you choose the Dartmouth MEM?
    I chose the MEM because I loved being at Thayer for my AB and felt that there was much more I could learn from the professors and through the many projects I could pursue as a student. The MEM provided an opportunity to learn about how engineering gets done in the real world, work with a cohort of students who came from schools besides Dartmouth, and go a level deeper in my engineering coursework.

    What was the most valuable part of your MEM internship experience?
    My MEM Internship provided me with the opportunity to see how diverse engineering disciplines must interact with the business climate and regulation to accomplish big things and create value for customers and society.

    How did the Dartmouth MEM prepare you for your career?
    I was able to accelerate my career as an engineer because the MEM helped me to see the big picture. In the MEM I had a head start on learning how to put big projects together, work across engineering disciplines, and understand what success looked like for my management, team members, and customers.

    What is your favorite Dartmouth MEM memory?
    I look back very fondly on my cohort's Organizational Behavior course. The course was engaging and interactive. I didn't know it at the time, but I was learning foundational concepts, that I still rely on today, while enjoying working with my classmates.

    How would you summarize your Dartmouth MEM experience?
    Accelerated career growth