MEM Career Advantage & Networking

In addition to the resources offered through Thayer Career Services and Dartmouth's Alumni Office, the MEM program offers students and alumni a wealth of opportunities to connect with employers or jobseekers, build new mentoring relationships, and expand their professional network.

Corporate Collaboration Council

Founded in 2004, the MEM Corporate Collaboration Council (CCC) is comprised of active technical and business leaders dedicated to providing mentorship, career preparation support, and networking opportunities.

Leaders & Mentors with Industry Perspectives

Each MEM student is mentored individually by a member of the CCC. Students leverage CCC mentors for career preparation advice, job networking opportunities, and current industry perspectives. CCC members have also helped source real-life industry projects for the ENGG 390: MEM Project course and other classes.

MEM Corporate Collaboration Council

MEM Student Council

The Master of Engineering Management Council (MEMC) is a group of students who work closely with Thayer and MEM administration to address professional, academic, and social needs of current and future students and alumni.

Building Connections Through Leadership

The MEMC helps students build professional connections through:

  • networking events, including professional development workshops and high-profile guest speakers
  • leveraging the diversity of the student body to create connections and promote collaboration and community

MEM Student Council

Alumni Network

Dartmouth is recognized as having one of the most engaged, well-connected, and responsive alumni networks in the world. As Dartmouth alumni, MEM graduates have access to Thayer and Dartmouth Alumni networks, as well as to Thayer Career Services, providing educational offerings, resources, and professional connections that can open doors worldwide.

MEM LinkedIn Group

The Dartmouth MEM LinkedIn Group is a platform for MEM alumni, students, and faculty to connect, post job opportunities, and find mentors.

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Ongoing Career Support

MEM alumni have life-long access to Thayer Career Services, including support for job searches or in recruiting job seekers for companies you lead.

Thayer Alumni Career Resources

What Alumni Say

Shashank Rao headshot

"Dartmouth's MEM program is known for its tight-knit culture, academic rigor, and a well-rounded, yet flexible curriculum. Talking to MEM alums gave me additional confidence that I will have broad career opportunities, a collaborative learning experience, and a chance to explore a beautiful college town."

— Shashank Rao '16
EY, Senior Consultant, Strategy

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