MEM Student Council

The Master of Engineering Management Council (MEMC) is a student group that works closely with both Thayer and MEM leadership to enact initiatives, plan events, and facilitate program development. The MEMC strives to leverage student diversity to enhance the collaborative learning environment of the program.

What We Do

The MEMC helps address the professional, academic, and social needs of students and alumni by:

  • supporting MEM career objectives through networking events, including professional development workshops and high-profile guest speakers.
  • facilitating communication between MEM students and faculty regarding curriculum issues and program improvements.
  • organizing social events that promote community and bring MEM students together outside of academic settings.
  • ensuring all MEM students feel welcome, valued, and have the capacity to thrive at Dartmouth.

Prospective students are encouraged to contact MEMC leadership to learn more about the program from a current student's perspective. You are welcome to ask us anything, from academics to student life, or join our Facebook group!

MEM enjoys a picnic at Professor Geoff Parker's house

MEMC Leadership

View the MEM student profiles to learn more about the MEMC leadership and other MEM students.

Headshot of Bryan Ilya Shea

Bryan Ilya Shea


Headshot of Ameya Sharma

Ameya Sharma

Vice President for Communications

Headshot of Ameerul Ali Shah Pattan

Ameerul Ali Shah Pattan

Vice President for Professional

Headshot of Janhavi Obhan

Janhavi Obhan

Vice President for Social

Headshot of Gary Pierre

Gary Pierre

Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion