DIAD Impact Report | 2022–2023

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The Design Initiative at Dartmouth (DIAD) builds on a shared vision to harness Dartmouth's historic strengths and the power of design to create the next generation of thinkers, doers, leaders, and visionaries that our world needs right now. As a new hub for human-centered innovation, DIAD empowers students and faculty across disciplines to create solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems for a more just, ethical, and sustainable world.

The Impact of Your Support

Two students walk towards the new Class of 1982 building on a sunny day.

"I fell in love with design thinking because the whole premise is: through design, we can create the world we want to see. My government courses give me the foundation to understand why problems exist. Design thinking gives me the tools to help solve them."

—Anthony Fosu '24, government major, public policy and human-centered design minor

Expanding Access to Design—and Opportunity

Throughout 2022–2023, DIAD leveraged Dartmouth's collaborative spirit and partnership between technology and the liberal arts to fuel new opportunities for multidisciplinary scholarship, new courses and experiential learning, and design-driven research.

Generous philanthropic support has enabled DIAD to expand its programs across campus and work with many partners across Dartmouth to foster interdisciplinary creative learning and equip faculty, staff, and students with tools to help them tackle local and global issues in novel ways.

Areas of Impact

DIAD is guided by three core pillars which serve as the foundation for the program's work and guide its impact across multiple areas: curricular, co-curricular, and research and scholarship.