Master of Engineering (MEng)

The Master of Engineering (MEng) degree program at Dartmouth is designed around tracks centered on professional areas of activity and is intended for engineers who want to add depth to their knowledge or acquire new specialized knowledge. The MEng degree program currently offers a track in biomedical engineering.

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The degree:

Candidates for the degree acquire:

Karl Griswold in the lab
Professor Karl Griswold uses protein engineering techniques to generate novel biomolecules for therapeutics.

Residency and Program Duration

The residency requirement of the MEng is flexible and is fulfilled through course attendance. It is expected that most students will want to complete the program in three terms, taking three courses at a time. However, students who want to work on their MEng over the course of a few years, taking one course at a time, for example, will also have the ability to enroll in the program. Students must complete the MEng within six years of initial enrollment.


A faculty advisor aids each student in developing a program, which is submitted to and approved by the MS-PhD Committee during the student’s first term of residency.

Number of Courses

The program’s basic requirement consists of nine courses. For the biomedical engineering track, a selection of courses is offered, from which students must choose five. An additional four courses can be selected from other offerings at Thayer School or other departments at Dartmouth. Within their first week of enrollment, students are required to submit a course plan to be approved by the MS-PhD Committee. Students enrolled in the MEng program who are not holders of accredited engineering degrees will likely need to take additional courses including courses at the undergraduate level, with the specifics determined on a case-by-case basis at the time of enrollment. Thayer School’s BE or AB students may not double-count courses towards the MEng degree.

Biomedical Engineering Track

Students must select a total of 9 courses from those offered at Thayer School or possibly at Dartmouth. Five of the courses should be from the list of core courses below. The remaining four electives may be chosen from any graduate-level ENGS or ENGG courses. For students with no engineering background, additional courses may be required. Upon being admitted into the program, within the first week, students are to submit an MEng Program Course Plan to the program director.

Core Courses

With prior approval of the program directors, some students for whom the offered tracks do not accommodate their professional interests will be invited to present a custom program. This program will need to be reviewed and approved by the MS-PhD Committee.

Academic Honor

All students, upon matriculation, are required to attend a series of workshops in ethics and sign a statement that they agree to abide by the honor principles established by Dartmouth College.

Additional Guidelines