2024 Investiture Information

Immunoengineering Research

Immunoengineering research is part of the overall program area of biological and chemical engineering (B&CE) at Dartmouth, using fundamental principles of biology, chemistry, and mathematics to invent bio-inspired systems, circuits, and processes as well as biotherapies and biofuels.

B&CE faculty are committed to building research and educational communities that are high-achieving, impactful, collaborative, and inclusive.

Using high-throughput tools, researchers are studying the antibody response to various diseases and exposures, from infection to cancer, in order to aid in therapeutic and vaccine design and development. We aim to understand the protective mechanism of antibodies using approaches grounded in fundamental engineering principles utilizing protein evolution, molecular biology, and mathematical modeling. Active projects at Dartmouth include immune response profiling, modeling, and modulation, and biotherapeutics and vaccine design.

Our collective research activities can be mapped onto a landscape defined by both impact (health and energy), and scale (molecular, cellular, and systems).

Research Subfields

Immune response profiling, modeling, and modulation

Immunogenicity prediction

Impact of hormones on immune cells

Peripheral correlates of reproductive health

Personalized antibody-based therapeutics

Protein engineering tools in immunology

Systems immunology

Vaccine design and development