2024 Investiture Information

Devices & Diagnostics Research

Devices and diagnostics research is within the overall program area of biomedical engineering (BME) at Dartmouth supporting discovery in fundamental applied science and engineering, as well as translational science, to address grand challenges in human health.

Identifying the biomarkers for diseases and developing health-monitoring sensors have the potential to transform health care delivery from a centralized and curative model to a more patient-centric and preventive one, while real-time diagnostics and implantable bionic systems could offer cures involving sensing at the molecular scale. These multi-scale approaches can facilitate precision medicine and point-of-care diagnostics for a variety of global health initiatives.

Research Subfields

Health informatics

Implantable bionic systems

Micro- and nano-scale medical systems

Neural engineering

‘Omics biomarkers for diseases

Wearable integrated circuit sensor devices