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Kimberley S. Samkoe

Associate Professor of Engineering

+1 (603) 650-7618


Kimberley Samkoe is an associate professor of engineering at Dartmouth and was previously an assistant research professor in the Department of Surgery at Geisel School of Medicine. Dr. Samkoe’s current research interests involve molecular fluorescence imaging for quantitative assessment of in vivo molecular expression of proteins for cancer diagnosis, therapeutic monitoring and surgical resection. Her research takes a biological systems engineering approach to medical imaging by studying how microscopic molecular information can be interpreted at a macro-scale for cancer identification and diagnosis. Other research interests include photodynamic therapy, spectroscopy, and the physical chemistry of fluorescent molecules.


Research Interests

Quantitative fluorescence molecular imaging; fluorescence guided surgery; biomedical systems engineering; biological models of cancer; cancer diagnostics and therapeutic monitoring; optics in medicine; photodynamic therapy

Active Research

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Clinical Translation of Fluorescent Molecular Targeted Imaging Agents