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Curing Fracture: A Material Cancer



12:00pm - 1:00pm ET


Fracture has long been deemed a "material cancer," it is hard to tell when and where it will occur and is usually too late when we find it.

Learn about groundbreaking research on proactive predications of fracture in structures and biomaterials —and how a new material design framework is developing bio-inspired energy absorbing materials to prevent fracture and cyber-attacks during digital manufacturing.

Material examples include ceramic composites found in heating elements, metals in aircrafts, polymers used in medical implants and renewable energy storage devices. Unexpected material fracture not only leads to structural failure but can be life-threatening. From reactive learning of failures in different scenarios, a new material design approach is developed to populate a knowledge base that can be used for proactive fracture predictions in future material designs.


About the Speaker(s)

Yan Li
Assistant Professor of Engineering, Dartmouth

Yan Li
Professor Yan Li

Yan Li joined Dartmouth Engineering in January 2020. Prior to that, she was an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at California State University, Long Beach and received her PhD degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Professor Li's primary research interests are in the area of mechanics of advanced materials involving multiscale/multiphysics modelling, integrated computational and experimental approaches for next generation material design, and application of material science and solid mechanics in advanced manufacturing.

She has worked on research projects supported by the US Army Research Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, NSF NH-BioMade Center, NSF CCMD (Center for Computational Materials Design) and collaborated with industry partners including Boeing, Gulfstream and GE.

Li is the recipient of ASME ORR Early Career Award in 2020; Best Paper Award of the 8th International Conference on Computational Methods in 2018; WAC Teaching Writing Fellow at Cal State Long Beach in 2017; Professors Around the World at Cal State Long Beach in 2016, and received multiple NSF travel awards for leadership and career development.


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