Sylvanus Thayer Fellows Award

The Sylvanus Thayer Fellows Award was established in 1978 by Dartmouth Engineering's Board of Advisors to recognize alumni/ae and friends who have given thoughtfully of their time and resources to the school. The award, named after the school's founder, has been bestowed on individuals distinguished by their generosity to Thayer, their commitment to engineering education at Dartmouth, their accomplishments in their careers, and their service to the community at large.

Recent Honorees

2020 Sylvanus Thayer Fellows

Carol Muller '77 and Ralph Crump '66a named Sylvanus Thayer Fellows

Carol Muller '77 and Ralph Crump '66A were recognized as Sylvanus Thayer Fellows by Thayer School of Engineering's Board of Advisors as two champions of the school.

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Past Fellows


Ralph E. Crump '66a
Carol B. Muller '77 P'06 '09


Michael C. Chapman '76 TH'77
Harlan W. Fair '53 TH'54 GP'18
Jessica L. Duda '96 TH'97 GR'99 TH'99
Robert B. Garman '69 TH'70 P'00


Albert W. Doolittle Jr. '36 TH'37 P'64
Christopher K. Hu '69 TH'70 P'15
Warren F. Daniell Jr. '48 TH'50 P'77
Charles L. Weinberg '42 TH'42 P'74
John H. Kennedy '53 TH'54 P'86
Thomas P. Putnam
John Fletcher
Frank P. Strong Jr. '56 TU'57 TH'57


William F. Allyn '58 TH'59 P'86 GP'15
Robert E. Field Sr. '43 TU'47 P'76 TUP'77 GP'93 '01 '12
John C. Woodhouse '21 GR'23 P'51 H'84
W. Patrick Gramm '52 P'88
Myron Tribus '42 H'66
Samuel C. Florman '46 TH'73 GP'20 '21
Stanley H. Feldberg '46 P'73 '74
Theodora L. Feldberg W'46 P'73 '74 GP'12
Paul J. Henegan '47 TH'49
Howard E. Sommer '40


William E. Buchanan '24 P'53 '56 GP'80 '81 H'77
Marian Miner Cook W'29 P'69 THP'70 GP'95 '98
Robert T. Ley '33 TH'34
Howard A. Schroedel '25 TH'26
Cecil Goodheart W'08 THW'09

Orodon S. Hobbs '31 TH'32 P'70
Craig J. Cain '45 TH'45 P'72 THP'71 GP'04
William H. Davidow '57 TH'58
George H. Hartmann '49 TH'50 P'83 '85 '91
Richard D. Lombard '53 TU'54 P'88
Ronald A. Schiavone '47 TH'48 P'82
John M. Alden '46 TU'48 TH'48
Joseph A. Baute Jr. '52 TH'54 P'77 TUP'80
James A. Browning '44 TH'45 P'78 H'61
Robert P. Hallock, Jr. '38
Charles J. Zimmerman '23 TU'24 H'73
David T. McLaughlin '54 TU'55 H'71 '87 P'78 '81 '85 TUP'81 GP'07 '09 '11 '12 '14 '16
Agnar Pytte P'82 GRP'82
Reuben Samuels '47 P'79
Edwin F. Studwell '31 TU'32
John W. Ballard II '55 TU/TH'56 GP'07 '08 '17 THGP'07 '09
Ray Stata
William E. Scollard '47 TH'48 P'92 TUP'95 THP'93


Henry C. Beck, Jr. '38 TH'39 P'81 GP'99
John O. Bickel
Peter R. Brown '49 TH'49
John B. Cook '29 P'69 GP'95 '98
George B. Davidson '13 TH'14
Nelson L. Doe '12 TH'13
Phillip R. Jackson '43 TH'43 P'77
Charles C. Jones '18 TH'19
Paul Jones, Jr. '44 TH'44 P'75 '77
Barry L. MacLean '60 TH'61 H'10 P'87 '94 '95 THP'95 '96 GP'25
Henry J. McCarthy '31 P'60
Eugene E. Nearburg P'72 THP'74
A. James O'Mara '42 TH'42 P'69 '71 '82 THP'86
Foxhall A. Parker '48 TH'49 P'82
Helen W. Parker P'82
Ida L. Patterson
Warren A. Peterson Jr. '55 P'80
Robert J. Rodday
Thomas L. Tyler '54 TH'56 P'75 '89 GP'00