Creating Your Portfolio

What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is typically a website that you create, or a PowerPoint (converted into a .pdf) that provides examples of your work and projects. The best portfolio effortlessly highlights your skills, achievements and intellect.

Why should I make one?

For a few reasons: a) to provide visual proof of what you can offer to your potential employer; b) to stand out from your competition; and c) to market yourself professionally.


Sean Hammett                                            William Jewett

What should I put in it?

Your sketches, engineering projects, graphics, diagrams, AV clips, a modified resume, and/or writing samples. Think about your past courses (ENGS 89/90), internships (e.g., you innovated a pre-existing tool), and extracurricular activities (e.g., you built a bridge in the woods).

Do I really need one?

If you are looking to secure a job or internship in product design/development, architecture, mechanical engineering, or web development, then, yes!

Who is your audience?

A corporation? Consultancy? Boutique design firm? Keep this question in mind as you create your portfolio.
Remember: Your portfolio is about which skills and creativity you can offer an employer.

How do I make one?

You can create your portfolio in PowerPoint and convert it into a .pdf, (e.g., Christian Ortiz), use a platform to host your portfolio, or create your own website. Check out the resources below to get started.