ENGS 32: Electronics: Introduction to Linear and Digital Circuits


19W: 11; Lab

Optional: Electronics by Allan R. Hambley; Prentice Hall; 2nd Edition; 2000; ISBN# 0-13-691982-0. Optional: Practical Electronics for Inventors by Paul Scherz; 4th Edition; McGraw-Hill; 2016; ISBN-10 1259587541.

20W: 11; Lab


ENGS 22, or equivalent background in basic circuit theory



Identical to PHYS 48

Principles of operation of semiconductor diodes, bipolar and field-effect transistors, and their application in rectifier, amplifier, waveshaping, and logic circuits. Basic active-circuit theory. Introduction to integrated circuits: the operational amplifier and comparator, to include practical considerations for designing circuits with off-the shelf components. Emphasis on breadth of coverage of low-frequency linear and digital networks, as well as on high order passive and active filter design. Laboratory exercises permit "hands-on" experience in the analysis and design of simple electronic circuits. The course is designed for two populations: a) those desiring a single course in basic electronics, and b) those that need the fundamentals necessary for further study of active circuits and systems.