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ENGS 147: Mechatronics


20S: 3A

No Textbook Required.

21S: 3A


Mechatronics is the systems engineering approach to computer-controlled products. This course will integrate digital control theory, real-time computing, software design, sensing, estimation, and actuation through a series of laboratory assignments, complementary lectures, problem sets, and a final project. Topics covered will include microprocessor based real-time computing, digital control, state estimation, signal conditioning, sensors, autonomous navigation, and control architectures for autonomous systems.

Students in “Mechatronics" designed, built and programmed a robot to navigate a maze autonomously in the shortest time with no advance knowledge of the maze configuration. Students use low-level digital control to make the robot follow walls, stop at a known distance from an obstacle, turn a specified number of degrees, or monitor sensors. Students also develop a supervisory algorithm that enables the robot to search and map the field and navigate autonomously from a starting position to an end position. #autonomous #robot #designandbuild

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