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Dartmouth Engineering Financial Aid and Loans

Apply for Financial Aid

Who Should Apply

Typically, MS and PhD students are fully funded through research and do not need to apply for financial aid.

MEng and MEM financial aid is need-based and is in the form of partial tuition scholarships capped at 40% for those who submit their financial aid material when applying for admission. Late applications for financial aid may be accepted, but awards will be capped at 20% based on budget availability.

How to Apply

  1. Carefully read the  Financial Aid Information Sheet (PDF).
  2. BE, MEng and MEM applicants should fill out the online PROFILE application form. Thayer School’s PROFILE number is 3355. PROFILE will process your information and provide Thayer School with a Financial Need Analysis Report to determine need-based aid.

Dartmouth students planning to complete BE and MS or BE and MEM requirements simultaneously should submit a BE program plan along with the MS or MEM application to be considered for "BE" aid for any portion of the program. The BE program plan is available through Banner Student.

Financial aid received for the first year does not necessarily carry over into the second year. Students planning to enroll in the MEng or MEM program (who will be at Thayer School for more than one academic year) have to re-file the PROFILE application.

Application Details

Dependent or independent?

BE applicants file as a dependent student and must include parental information. Exceptions include students who:

When filing the CSS PROFILE, BE applicants must indicate that their year in college is "5th or more undergrad".

MEng and MEM applicants are considered independent of their parents and do not include parental information when applying for aid. When filing with CSS PROFILE you will indicate that your year in college is "1st year grad/prof".

MEng and MEM financial aid is need-based and partial tuition scholarships are capped.

BE/MEM candidates from Dartmouth who plan to work simultaneously on BE and MEM requirements should include parental information so that both BE and MEM level aid may be calculated by Thayer School. For the time a student is completing the BE requirements (generally 1 to 3 terms), Thayer School will grant whichever aid is higher, BE or MEM When filing with CSS PROFILE you will indicate that your year in college is "5th or more undergrad".

Financial Aid Decisions

Thayer School makes financial aid decisions as soon as possible after the results of the PROFILE Financial Need Analysis Report from the College Board are received.

Paid hourly employment as a Teaching Assistant may also be available for qualified students, and possibly required for those who accept Thayer School partial tuition scholarships.

Questions? Contact:

Candace Potter
Candace Potter
Graduate Admissions & Financial Aid Administrator
Rm. 107, MacLean ESC
+1 (603) 646-3844

Fellowships, Scholarships and Scholars Program

Endowed named scholarships and fellowships, established through the generosity of alumni/ae, friends, foundations, and corporations, are awarded to engineering students with financial need who have demonstrated academic ability and show promise of contributing to the engineering profession.

Apply For a Student Loan

Federal financial aid is available to US citizens and permanent residents at the graduate level, provided they are enrolled at least half-time and making satisfactory academic progress in a degree program.

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after January 1st of the year in which you wish to enter the program. Dartmouth's federal school code is 002573.

Please note that the FAFSA must be completed each year.

For information about the loan process go to Dartmouth Federal Loan Information.