2024 Investiture Information

Microfabrication Research

Microfabrication research is part of the overall program area of materials science and engineering (MSE) at Dartmouth supporting discovery in fundamental applied engineering as well as translational science in areas such as ice physics, nano- and bio-materials, energy harvesting and storage, and materials modeling.

Microfabrication research spans a broad range of disciplines, including electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering, physics, computer science, and robotics as well as materials science. One of the biggest challenges is devising an efficient means of assembling small parts such as with self-assembly methods or with microrobots that can work together in a microfactory. Applications include cybersecurity, thin-film solar cells, and printed and flexible devices.

Research Subfields

3D nanomanufacturing

Micro-robot fabrication

Self-assembled nanophotonic structures