Cybersecurity & Information Systems Research

Cybersecurity and information systems research is part of the overall program area of mechanical, operations, and systems engineering (MOSE) at Dartmouth, viewing the world as a series of interconnected systems and using this approach to solve complex problems of the modern world—from climate change, to sustainable energy, to pandemics.

The ability to decipher patterns in digital behaviors has implications in areas as disparate as cybersecurity, stock-market fraud, and counterterrorism. For better or for worse, more and more of our behaviors are being tracked and collated. That information not only has obvious marketing potential, but also can tell us about the daily patterns of people in society, and how we might improve information systems and design solutions for today's interconnected digital world.

Research Subfields

Artificial intelligence

Cloud computing and embedded systems

Computational social systems

Human thought and behavior

Network analysis and management

Platform economics and strategy

Soft computing