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Working Group on Climate Solutions



12:00pm - 4:00pm ET

Rm 252, Haldeman Center

The Neukom Institute invites faculty to help better integrate work at Dartmouth related to the study of and responses to climate change, especially efforts directed toward reducing the severity of climate change (mitigation) and impacts of climate change (adaptation)—ie, the "solutions."

Anyone who is already working in this area, as well as those who want to start such work, are welcome to attend, including from across the arts and sciences, engineering, medicine, and business. The more we can be aware of one another's work, the better we can do it.

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We look forward to building community around this important work,

  • Klaus Keller (ENGG)
  • Justin Mankin (GEOG)
  • Mathieu Morlighem (EARS)
  • Caitlin Pries (BIOL)
  • Dan Rockmore (MATH/COSC)
  • Helene Seroussi (ENGG)
  • Justin Strauss (EARS)
  • Jonathan Winter (GEOG)


For more information, contact Christine Monigle at