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Talk & Workshops with Climate Resilience Engineer Pamela Silva Díaz



Apr 25 – Apr 26

Class of 1982 ECSC

The Design Initiative at Dartmouth (DIAD) is pleased to invite to you a series of events featuring this distinguished campus visitor.

The following three events are free and open to the Dartmouth community:

Contextualizing Social Inequities While Designing New Futures
Tuesday (4/25) 10:00–11:30am

ECSC 007 (Design Loft)
In this interactive talk, Pamela Silva Díaz will explore engineering design, social justice, and climate resilience through engaging stories and examples.

Climate Adaptation and Participatory Design Workshop
Tuesday (4/25) 2:00–3:30pm

ECSC 007 (Design Loft)
In this workshop, we'll look into some of the impacts of climate change through the lens of climate justice, and talk about the importance of participatory approaches when leading community-centered projects. The activities will help us think about how we may design technologies in resource-constrained scenarios, while we engage community members and stakeholders ethically and inclusively.

Designing Hardware for the Circular Economy Workshop
Wednesday (4/26) 12:00noon–1:30pm
ECSC B08 (Couch Lab II)
In this workshop, we'll go over the fundamentals of the circular economy and the implications for hardware product design. Through hands-on exercises, we will think through some of the strategies that can help us design products with longer lifespans and reduced waste.


For more information, contact Eugene Korsunskiy at eugene.korsunskiy@dartmouth.edu.