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Jones Seminar: High-Throughout, Quantitative Measurements of Protein Function



3:30pm - 4:30pm ET

Spanos Auditorium/Online

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Meeting ID: 978 8266 6748
Passcode: 640986

Proteins are engineerable quantities in applied bioprocesses in medicine. My group uses high-throughput, massively parallel measurements of protein function to learn sequence-function relationships. These datasets are used to learn general engineering rules to repurpose existing proteins for desired purposes. In this talk I will discuss how we leverage these datasets to understand how viral sequence diversity impacts therapeutic antibody efficacy. I will show two platforms—one that can probe viral sequence diversity, and one for antibody sequence diversity—and show how these platforms can be leveraged to understand:

  1. how to design therapeutic antibodies resistant to viral escape; and
  2. how natural antibodies undergo the process of affinity maturation.

Hosted by Professor Jiwon Lee.

About the Speaker(s)

Tim Whitehead
Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, U Colorado, Boulder

Timothy Whitehead

Tim Whitehead is an associate professor of chemical and biological engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder. His lab learns general engineering rules to redesign biological organisms for desired purposes, with focus areas on biomolecular recognition, design of small molecule control of cellular processes, and improving biomanufacturing.


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