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Special Seminar: Harnessing Size Effects—Where nanostructures meet additive manufacturing



3:30pm - 4:30pm ET


Meeting ID: 913 9744 0830
Passcode: 645291

Nanostructured materials promise to unlock new functionality that can address modern challenges in electronics, health, and infrastructure. However, to fully hardness the power of size-based effects, we need to develop new methods for designing microstructurally complex and heterogeneous nanostructures. Furthermore, deep fundamental understanding of designed nanoscale materials is critical for bringing these tools to the materials engineers of tomorrow. Using nanoscale additive manufacturing, we will explore new pathways for nanoscale materials design and investigate the emerging materials behaviors that arise at the intersection of geometric and microstructural size-effects. Insights from studies on nanocrystalline nano-architected ZnO and nanoporous Ag will begin to untangle the intricate roles of processing and microstructure in advancing nanoscale materials performance.

Hosted by Professor Laura Ray.

About the Speaker(s)

Rebecca Gallivan
Postdoctoral Scholar, ETH Zurich

Rebecca Gallivan

Rebecca Gallivan is a materials scientist and engineer and is currently working as a postdoctoral scholar at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. She is focused on understanding micro- and nano-scale material phenomena using nanoscale additive manufacturing techniques. Her work looks to push new frontiers in advanced functional and structural materials for future nanotechnologies. Gallivan received her SB in materials science and engineering from MIT and her PhD in materials science from Caltech. She received an MRS Graduate Student Award and the Caltech Demetriades-Tsafka-Kokkalis Prize for nanotechnology, and was an Amazon AI4Science Fellow. She also received the Catalyst Award from the Kavli Nanoscience Institute for her commitment to building diverse, equitable, and inclusive communities.


For more information, contact Ashley Parker at ashley.l.parker@dartmouth.edu.