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Architecture, Making, and the Power of Shared Agency



1:00pm - 2:00pm ET


Making clarifies ideas. Clear ideas enable decisions. Decisions move projects forward.

Join us for a discussion about using fabrication to enhance design, foster shared-authorship, and position collaborators for success.


Sponsored by Thayer and the Department of Studio Art

About the Speaker(s)

Parke MacDowell '07

Parke MacDowell '07

Parke MacDowell, AIA, uses the hands-on exploration of shapes to solve design problems and communicate solutions, and he integrates his background in construction to inform design and project management. After completing his studies at Dartmouth and the University of Michigan, MacDowell worked as a CNC machinist, welder, and carpenter before joining the Boston-based firm NADAAA in 2011. At NADAAA, MacDowell worked in the firm's NADLAB, overseeing design-build projects as well as undertaking a more conventional architect's role. In 2015, he brought his considerable computational design and digital fabrication skills to Payette, also in Boston, and established the firm's in-house design research facility.


For more information, contact Kelly Thompson at kelly.l.thompson@dartmouth.edu.