ENGS 7.08 - Energy Sustainability: Technologies and Impact


We hear about energy sustainability, but what does this mean? What will the impact of climate change be? What energy sources are considered sustainable and why? What fraction of our energy needs is likely to come from sustainable energy in the future? Are these estimates reasonable and what are the technological and societal challenges to broader use of sustainable energy? This seminar will explore these and other questions as we learn about energy resources, technologies and solutions that affect our lives and our planet today and in the future. We will evaluate the trade-offs and uncertainties of various energy systems and explore a framework for assessing solutions. Topics and writing assignments will examine resource estimation, environmental effects, and a survey of resources and technologies such as oil and gas, nuclear power, hydropower, solar energy, wind energy and more. Writing assignments will explore and present arguments for different approaches that may be taken to avoid a future climate disaster.


Location / Method
Term: Winter 2023
Time: 3B

ECSC 042


Alexis R. Abramson