2024 Investiture Information

ENGS 202 - Nonlinear Systems


The course provides basic tools for modeling, design, and stability analysis of nonlinear systems that arise in a wide range of engineering and scientific applications including robotics, autonomous vehicles, mechanical and aerospace systems, nonlinear oscillators, chaotic systems, population genetics, learning systems, and networked complex systems. There are fundamental differences between the behavior of linear and nonlinear systems. Lyapunov functions are powerful tools in dealing with design and stability analysis of nonlinear systems. After addressing the basic differences between linear and nonlinear systems, the course will primarily focus on normal forms of nonlinear systems and Lyapunov-based control design methods for a variety of applications with an emphasis on robotics, mechanical control systems, and particle systems in potential fields.


ENGS 100 and ENGS 145 or equivalents and familiarity with MATLAB


Not offered 2021-2023