2024 Investiture Information

ENGS 15.08 - AI Demystified: A Roadmap to Understand Evolving Technologies


AI Demystified unfolds the pivotal world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), spotlighting its multifaceted applications and theoretical concepts across diverse sectors such as healthcare and commerce. This course, while demystifying AI, delves deep into its practical and ethical aspects, aligning with its impactful presence in our daily lives and future. Through a combination of illuminative lectures, hands-on coding sessions, weekly assignments, and a group project, students traverse through AI’s principles, applications, and societal impacts, culminating in a wholesome learning experience tailored for AI beginners and prospective professionals, and preparing them to adeptly navigate our increasingly AI-infused future.


COSC 001 or ENGS 020. A working knowledge of Python is recommended. Students will be expected to have an elementary knowledge of Python by the end of week 2. Materials will be provided to support this.


Location / Method
Term: Winter 2024
Time: 2A

Cummings 118


Sam Raymond