ENGM 204 - Data Analytics Project Lab


The widespread proliferation of IT-mediated economic activity generates an abundance of micro-level data about markets as well as consumer, supplier, and competitor preferences. This has led to the emergence of a new form of competition based on the extensive use of analytics, experimentation, and fact-based decision-making. In nearly every industry the competitive strategies organizations are employing today rely extensively on data analysis to predict the consequences of alternative courses of action, and to guide executive decision-making. The purpose of the Data Analytics Project Lab (DAPL) course is to provide a background on how data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence create value for organizations. Lectures on recent trends and tutorials on current AI/ML techniques will be complemented by a major team project. The course will match student teams with projects involving analytics and machine learning as they apply to business questions and problems. Projects will be sourced from commercial and government organizations. Instructor approval of student sourced projects will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


ENGM 182, ENGS 108, COSC 274, or instructor approval (demonstrated background in data analytics with R, Python, or similar software)


Location / Method
Term: Spring 2022
Time: Monday 5-7:30 PM + Arranged lab

Geoffrey G. Parker