2024 Investiture Information

ENGM 185 - Topics in Manufacturing Design and Processes


The course will consist of four main topics: 1) technical estimating, 2) design of experiments, 3) design for manufacturability, 4) statistical process control. We will review technical estimating (TE), a vital skill in today's rapidly changing industry. Illustrative and interesting examples will be used to hone TE techniques. Design of experiments (DOE) will be covered in detail using Montgomery's Design and Analysis of Experiments. Analysis of variance, model adequacy checking, factorial designs, blocking and confounding, regression models, nesting, and fractional factorial and Taguchi designs will be taught. Design for manufacturability (DFM) will be covered so that by the end of the course the student will know how to establish a successful DFM program to optimize and continuously improve designs and manufacturing processes. Cost estimating related to manufacturing processes will also be presented, followed by an overview of failure analysis techniques. The course will also introduce the basics of statistical process control, including the Shewhart Rules.




Cannot be used to satisfy any A.B. degree requirements