ENGG 199.06 - Flexible Electronics-Matl Dsgn for Energy, Sensing, and Display


Flexible electronics make up an emerging class of devices that can tackle technological challenges for which traditional rigid systems are unsuitable—for example, lightweight wearable sensors for health applications or low-cost solar energy. This course will develop a multidisciplinary understanding of how to engineer thin film materials with unique optoelectronic and electronic functionality for flexible devices within a set of constraints imposed by thin film mechanics. This will include a study of electronic devices such as thin film solar cells, light emitting diodes, and thin film transistors as well as the large area deposition methods used to pattern and integrate these systems. Knowledge from this course is relevant preparation for careers in the display industry ($100 bil.) and flexible electronics industry ($50 bil.).


ENGS 24 and at least one of (ENGS 32, 60, 122, 131, 134, 135)


Location / Method
Term: Spring 2024
Time: 10A

ECSC 041


William J. Scheideler