ENGG 199 - Special Topics in Engineering Sciences


A special topics lecture course in lieu of, or supplementary to, a 100-level course, as arranged by a faculty member to be used in satisfaction of advanced degree requirements. The course must be approved by the graduate programs committee in advance of the term in which it is offered. No more than two such courses should be used in satisfaction of requirements for any degree. To permit action prior to the term’s end, requests for approval must be submitted to the graduate director no later than the eighth week of the term preceding the term in which the course is to be offered. Proposed courses should include full syllabus, resources, and student evaluation methods. Courses that have a 100-level prerequisite should use ENGG 299.


ENGG 199 - Special Topic courses are offered a maximum of 3 terms as a 199.xx course. Course topics may be added over the course of the academic year. Please check the Term Course Schedules for which courses are scheduled in any upcoming terms. Consult your advisor on how best to include a 199 course in your program plan.