ENGG 122 - Advanced Topics in Semiconductor Devices


The MOS device structure is the backbone of nearly all modern microelectronics. In this course the gate-insulator-semiconductor structure, commonly referred to as the metal-oxide- semiconductor or MOS structure, will be studied. The historical background of MOS devices and their fabrication will be briefly reviewed, as well as the basic MOS structure for accumulation, depletion and inversion. Advanced issues such as work function, trapped charge, interface traps, non-equilibrium operation and re-equilibration processes will be covered. Analysis of MOS in 1D including capacitance will be performed. The MOSFET will be analyzed with attention on short-channel effects, scaling, drain-induced barrier lowering, etc. The relationship between physics-based MOS device analysis and TCAD modelling will be explored. Other devices utilizing the MOS concept will be discussed, including power devices, CCDs and imaging devices, and FINFETs. The effects of radiation and other reliability issues will also be addressed. There may be a small number of remote students, who are part of a designated fully remote MEng program, enrolled in this course.


ENGS 60 or equivalents


Location / Method
Term: Winter 2024
Time: 2A

ECSC 041


William J. Scheideler