ENGS 89 - Engineering Design Methodology and Project Initiation


This course explores elements of the engineering design process as a means of enhancing student ability in problem definition, development and evaluation of creative alternatives, application and methods of technical and economic analysis, identification and application of ethical and legal constraints, and effective presentation of technical information. Design projects are developed from specifications submitted by industry and other organizations and are pursued over the course of two quarters as a team project (ENGS 89/90). Written and oral proposals and progress reports are required for the design project during the term. A project advisor is required for each design team to serve as a consultant to the team's efforts. ENGS 89 is the first unit of a two-term course sequence (ENGS 89/90) that must be taken consecutively.
Culminating Experience


Prior to enrollment in ENGS 89, at least six engineering courses must be completed. These include ENGS 21 plus five additional courses numbered 22 to 76 (excluding 75) and 91 and above.


Location / Method
Term: Fall 2023
Time: 2A

Solomon G. Diamond