Grade Standards

Grading for AB and BE candidates

Students taking courses for either the AB or BE degree are assigned the following grades:

A “plus” or “minus” appended to a grade indicates a level slightly greater or lesser than the norm for that category. Grade point values are A = 4; A- = 3.67; B+ = 3.33; etc.

AB candidates must:

BE candidates must:

Grading for MEM, MS, and PhD candidates

Students taking graduate-level courses, with the exception of the MS and PhD thesis/dissertation, are assigned the following grades:

MEM candidates must:

MS and PhD candidates must:

Any student earning one LP grade will receive a letter of warning from the program director. More than one LP or one NC grade will result in probation for one term. If at the end of the term progress is not satisfactory, the student will be placed in unsatisfactory standing. A detailed statement on the Student Probation Policy is available from the registrar.