ENGS 86: Independent Project


Offered all terms

All terms: Arrange
Van Citters


Senior standing in the Engineering Sciences major or Bachelor of Engineering standing and permission of the department chair is required.  (One-page proposal submission required and must be submitted for approval prior to the end of the term preceding the term in which the course will be taken.)

An individual research or design project carried out under the supervision of a member of Thayer School faculty member. Students electing this course will be expected to carry out preliminary reading during the preceding term. This course may be taken in one term, or as a one-third course credit for each of three consecutive terms. A major written report and oral presentation will be submitted at the completion of the course. ENGS 86 may be counted as an elective in the major if ENGS 89 is taken as the culminating experience. Only one of either ENGS 86 or ENGS 88 may be used in satisfaction of the combined A.B. major and B.E. degree requirements.