ENGS 80: Ethics and Engineering


Not offered 2015-2016


Senior standing in the Engineering Sciences major, the physical sciences, or Philosophy; or permission of instructor



Cannot be used to satisfy A.B. major or B.E. degree requirements

An examination of the normative dimensions of professional practice, with a practical focus on engineering. Discussion topics will include common morality; ethical theories (virtue, deontological, utilitarian, contractarian); the definition and role of professions in contemporary societies, including theories of professionalism that seek to justify action or inaction in the workplace; the relations among professionals, clients, employers, professional societies, and the service population; and professional codes of conduct. Case studies will include contemporary accidents and issues in advanced technology (genetic engineering, nanotechnology, the machine-human interface). Goals of achievement for the profession will be examined, as expressed by professional societies, educators, and legislation, in the context of emergent globalization of technology and trade. Enrollment is limited to 20 students.