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ENGS 76: Machine Engineering


19F: 10A

Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design; R.G. Budynas & J.K. Nisbett; McGraw-Hill; 10th edition; ISBN-10 0073398209 | ISBN-13 978-0073398204

20F: J

Mechanical Engineering Design; 9th or 10th (or 11th) Editions R.G. Budyas and J.K. Nisbett; McGraw-Hill.

21S: Arrange


ENGS 21, ENGS 33, and proficiency with solid modeling software



An introduction to the analysis and synthesis of mechanical components and systems. Lecture topics focus on design and analysis of mechanical components subject to static and fatigue loading conditions, deformation, and buckling. Power transmission shafting, bearings, and gears will be studied in detail. A survey of design requirements for other components — springs, screws, belts, clutches, brakes, roller chains, and welded and riveted connections — will be provided. The class includes laboratory sessions for developing practical skills in design fabrication. A term project emphasizes the synthesis of a working machine to complete a specified task. The project involves the design or selection of components studied, and includes fabrication and demonstration of the machine. Solid modeling software is used as a design tool. Enrollment is limited to 25 students.