ENGS 56: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering


19S: 2
Hoopes, Zhang

Molecular Sensors and Nanodevices: Principles; Designs and Applications in Biomedical Engineering; Second Edition; Elsevier

20S: 2
Hoopes, Zhang


  • ENGS 22
  • PHYS 13
  • PHYS 14 (may be taken concurrently)



This course will survey applications of engineering principles to medical diagnosis/treatment of disease, monitoring/measurement of physiological function, and rehabilitation/replacement of body dysfunction. Case studies will be used to highlight how engineering has advanced medical practice and understanding. Examples will be drawn from bioinstrumentation, bioelectricity, biotransport, biomaterials, and biomechanics. While investigations will focus primarily on the engineering aspects of related topics, issues surrounding patient safety, public policy and regulation, animal experimentation, etc., will be discussed as appropriate.

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