ENGS 37: Introduction to Environmental Engineering


18F: 10

Reommended/Not Required: Environmental Engineering Science. William Nazaroff and Lisa Alvarez-Cohen. John Wiley & Sons. 2001. ISBN-13 978-0471144946.

19F: 10


MATH 3 and CHEM 5, or equivalent, or permission



A survey of the sources, measurement techniques, and treatment technologies relating to environmental pollution resulting from the activities of humans. The course will be technology-focused, but will also touch on topics related to the implementation of technology in the real world such as public perception, policy and legislation, and choosing between technological alternatives. Technological and other issues will be addressed relating to water pollution, air pollution, solid wastes, and the fate and transport of pollutants in the environment. Consideration of each area will include general background and key concepts, detailed design examples of importance in the area, and case studies/current topics. The course will include guest lecturers.