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ENGS 36: Chemical Engineering


19F: 10A
Laser, Lee

1) Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering; McCabe; Smith & Harriott; 7th Edition; McGraw-Hill; ISBN 0072848235. 2) Chem; Biochem; & Engg Thermodynamics; Sandler; Wiley & Sons; 4th Edition; ISBN 0471661740. 3 )Elements of Chem Reaction Engineering; Fogler; Macmillan; 4th Edition; ISBN 0130473944.

20F: 10A


ENGS 22, ENGS 25, and CHEM 5



This course will expose students to the fundamental principles of chemical engineering and the application of these principles to a broad range of systems. In the first part of the course, aspects of chemical thermodynamics, reaction kinetics, and transport phenomena will be addressed. These principles will then be applied to a variety of systems including industrial, environmental, and biological examples.