ENGS 33: Solid Mechanics


19F: 11

Statics and Mechanics of Materials by R. C. Hibbeler; (5th Edition); Pearson; ISBN 10 0134382595.

20W: 12; Lab


MATH 13 and PHYS 13



After a brief review of the concepts of rigid body statics, the field equations describing the static behavior of deformable elastic solids are developed. The stress and strain tensors are introduced and utilized in the development. Exact and approximate solutions of the field equations are used in the study of common loading cases, including tension/compression, bending, torsion, pressure, and combinations of these.

In the laboratory phase of the course, various methods of experimental solid mechanics are introduced. Some of these methods are used in a project in which the deformation and stress in an actual load system are determined and compared with theoretical predictions. The course includes a series of computer exercises designed to enhance the student's understanding of the principles of solid mechanics.