ENGS 25: Introduction to Thermodynamics


18S: 2

Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics; Michael Moran and Howard Shapiro; John Wiley & Sons; 7th Edition.
Inform students that the Instructor only uses Chapters 1-10 and the tables in the back. It may be possible to purchase by chapter; more information can be found at the following url:

18X: 10A

19S: 2


MATH 13, PHYS 13, ENGS 20 or COSC 1 and COSC 10



The fundamental concepts and methods of thermodynamics are developed around the first and second laws. The distinctions between heat, work, and energy are emphasized. Common processes for generating work, heat, or refrigeration or changing the physical or chemical state of materials are analyzed. The use of thermodynamic data and auxiliary functions such as entropy, enthalpy, and free energy are integrated into the analysis. The numerous problems show how theoretical energy requirements and the limitations on feasible processes can be estimated. Enrollment is limited to 60 students.