ENGS 165: Biomaterials


19S: T-Th 8-9:50
Van Citters

Biomaterials Science; An Introduction to Materials in Medicine; Ratner; Hoffman; Schoen; and Lemons; 3rd Edition; Elsevier Academic Press; 2012; ISBN-10: 0123746264. Not mandatory; but strongly recommended.

20S: T-Th 8-9:50
Van Citters


ENGS 24, or equivalent

Consideration of material problems is perhaps one of the most important aspects of prosthetic implant design. The effects of the implant material on the biological system as well as the effect of the biological environment on the implant must be considered. In this regard, biomaterial problems and the bioelectrical control systems regulating tissue responses to cardiovascular and orthopedic implants will be discussed. Examples of prosthetic devices currently being used and new developments of materials appropriate for future use in implantation will be taken from the literature.

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