ENGS 163: Advanced Protein Engineering


20W: 2

Introduction to Protein Structure; Karl Brandon and John Tooze; 2nd edition 1999; ISBN: 0-8153-2305-0 / ISBN13: 978-0-8153-2305-1; Paperback; Garland Science Publishing.

21W: 2


ENGS 160, or BIOCHEM 101. Equivalent courses accepted with instructor’s permission

Not open to AB and BE students. (Students in these degree programs are encourged to enroll in ENGS 58.)

This course will build on molecular engineering fundaments introduced in ENGS 58 and equip students to formulate novel engineered molecules by translating methods into practical design proposals. The three components of any protein engineering effort will be surveyed: host strain, library design, and selective pressure. Both gold standard and novel engineering methodologies will be studied, and tradeoffs among different techniques will be examined through detailed case studies. Data presentation and interpretation skills will be developed by examining current literature focused on proteins with practical utility.