ENGS 162: Basic Biological Circuit Engineering (pending approval)


Alternate years: 19W: 11

Alternate years: 19S: Arrange


MATH 3 or MATH 8 or equivalent experience in Basic Calculus, CHEM 5, BIOL 13. Experience in Molecular Biology is useful (e.g. ENGS 35, BIOL 45, & BIOL 46 or equivalent) but not necessary. Experience in Signals and System Modeling is also useful (e.g. ENGS 22) but not necessary. 

This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to the design, modeling, and experimental implementation of synthetic bio-molecular circuits in living cells. Simple but sophisticated synthetic biological circuits will be implemented and tested in microbial cells in the laboratory including those involving molecular amplification, regulatory feedback loops with biological nonlinearities, and robust analog circuits. Computer aided design, modeling, and simulation will use CADENCE, an industry standard electronic circuit design tool showing how to design, model, and fit actual experimental biological data such that engineering circuit theory and biological experiment agree.