ENGS 162: Methods in Biotechnology


Alternate years: 19S: Arrange


One from ENGS 35, ENGS 160, and ENGS 161, OR or BIOL 46 (formerly BIOL 64).

This is a laboratory-based course designed to provide hands-on experience with modern biotechnological research, high throughput screening, and production tools. The course provides familiarity with processes commonly used in the biotechnology industry. Examples include fermentation systems controlled by programmable logic controllers, down-stream processing equipment such as continuous centrifugation, cross-flow ultra-filtration, and fluidized bed chromatography. The laboratory also demonstrates the substitution of routine molecular biological and biochemical operations by automated liquid handlers and laboratory robots. Students design and develop a bioassay, which is then implemented by laboratory robots for which they have to write their own implementation program. The course has a significant laboratory component. Enrollment is limited to 12 students.