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ENGS 142: Intermediate Solid Mechanics


Not offered 2020-2021

20W: 3B

Advanced Mechanics of Materials; Arthur P. Boresi and Richard J. Schmidt; 6th Edition. Advanced Mechanics of Materials and Applied Elasticity; Sixth Edition by Ansel C. Ugural and Saul K. Fenster. ISBN-13: 978-0134859286


ENGS 71 or ENGS 76 or equivalent

Exact and approximate solutions of the equations of elasticity are developed and applied to the study of stress and deformation in structural and mechanical elements. The topics will include energy methods, advanced problems in torsion and bending, stress concentrations, elastic waves and vibrations, and rotating bodies. Although most applications will involve elastic deformation, post-yield behavior of elastic-perfectly plastic bodies will also be studied. The course will also include numerous applications of finite element methods in solid mechanics.