ENGS 126: Analog Integrated Circuit Design


19S: 2A

Analog Integrated Circuit Design; Johns and Martin; Wiley & Sons; 2nd Edition; ISBN 0471144487

20S: 2A


ENGS 32 and ENGS 61, or permission of instructor

Design methodologies of very large scale integration (VLSI) analog circuits as practiced in industry will be discussed. Topics considered will include practical design considerations such as size and cost; technology processes; modeling of CMOS, bipolar, and diode devices; advanced circuit simulation techniques; basic building blocks; amplifiers; and analog systems. A design project is also required in which the student will design, analyze, and optimize a small analog or mixed analog/digital integrated circuit. This design and some homework assignments will require the student to perform analog and digital circuit simulations to verify circuit operation and performance. Lectures will be supplemented by guest lecturers from industry.

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