ENGS 12: Design Thinking


19F: 10A; 10A
Robbie, Korsunskiy

1. Moleskine notebook (hardcover) 5.25” x 8.25” unlined; regular weight paper 2. 101 Design Methods; Vijay Kumar; 2013; Wiley & Son.

20W: 10A;2A
Robbie, Korsunskiy

20S: 10A;10A
Robbie, Korsunskiy

21W: 10A;2A
Robbie, Korsunskiy

21S: 10A;10A
Robbie, Korsunskiy





A foundation course on the cognitive strategies and methodologies that form the basis of creative design practice. Design thinking applies to innovation across the built environment, including the design of products, services, interactive technology, environments, and experiences. Topics include design principles, human need-finding, formal methodologies, brainstorming, heuristics, thinking by analogy, scenario building, visual thinking, and study of experienced thinkers. Weekly projects and exercises in a variety of media provide practice and development of students' personal creative abilities. Enrollment is limited to 20 students.