ENGM 180: Corporate Finance


20S: Arrange

21S: Arrange


ENGM 179 or permission of instructor

Cannot be used to satisfy any A.B. degree requirements

Issues of financial management important to the engineering manager. A review of the concepts of engineering economy, including time value of money, net present value, and choosing among investment alternatives. Discussion of global and national economic factors impacting the modern technology-driven corporation — such as exchange rates, competitiveness, cost of capital, money markets, and tax policies. Examination of the role of the financial organization in a corporation and its relationship to the engineering manager. Evaluating a balance sheet and an income statement; understanding the effect of mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, and venture capital on R&D organizations. Discussion of the financial aspects of engineering project management, including planning and budgeting, project costing, and cost vs. schedule vs. performance trade-offs. One or several additional topics, such as defense industry economics, impacts of deregulation, intellectual property law, and economic forecasting, will be selected for discussion.