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ENGM 178: Technology Assessment


19F: 10A

No Textbook Required

20F: Arrange
Thayer Faculty



Cannot be used to satisfy any A.B. degree requirements

This project course is grounded in technology-focused areas and provides an opportunity for teams of students to conduct a thorough analysis of prevalent and emerging technologies in fields of critical interest such as health, energy, the environment, and other complex systems and then to recommend and justify actions for its further development. Technology in an assigned application field will be analyzed by each student team, along with emerging, complementary and competing technologies, leading to 1) findings of those impediments and incentives for its further development, 2) identification and quantification of the societal and/or commercial benefits achievable from further development, and 3) recommendations for action in research funding, product and market development, public policy, and the like, that would most rapidly achieve the identified societal and/or commercial benefits.