ENGG 260: Advances in Biotechnology


19F: Tu 8:30-10:00
Ackerman, Griswold

No Textbook Required

20W: Arrange
Ackerman, Griswold

20S: Arrange
Ackerman, Griswold


Graduate standing and ENGS 160 or ENGS 163

Biotechnology continues to undergo explosive and transformative growth. Our fundamental knowledge of biological systems, which underlies modern biotechnology, is now being updated and revised on a daily basis. Likewise, instrumentation and biological tools are experiencing a continuous revolution that pushes the boundaries of applied biology. To be competitive within their professions, biotechnologists and biological engineers must therefore maintain broad knowledge of current advances in fields related to their areas of specialization. This course will survey current peer-reviewed literature from a variety of sources and help students develop good reading habits, literature search skills, and the ability to critically assess peer-reviewed literature.